COSUDEAG is An apolitical, non-religious and non-profit association that was created in Cameroon Yaounde in the year 2018 and got legalized in 2020 when a group of Cameroonians pondered on what could be done to defeat hunger, poverty, poor health, and carry on environmental protection. COSUDEAG works throughout the country in areas of environmental protection, social and community development, education, and communication action.


Our focus is on environmental protection and humanitarian action. We expect to transform lives while making sure the environment is intact. We shall carry on community outreach, and innovative research and transform lives through sustainable development initiatives.


We are driven by the need for a common world. We are convinced that together with the community, we can bridge gaps in environmental protection, food insecurity, child protection, gender-based violence, community health, water hygiene, and sanitation.

Approach to solving problems within areas of operation

Together with the community, we collaborate to participatory design solution-based innovative activities to carry on sustainable development in an intact environment.
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Actively Playing a Vital role in environmental protection and humanitarian actions

As an Agency, COSUDEAG works throughout the country, in environmental protection and humanitarian actions. Together with the community (involving people of all walks of life, class, race, religion, ethnicity, and gender), we sustainably reduce threats to biodiversity and improve on livelihood of people.