Community Health Outreach

What Is Community Health?

Community health refers to the shared well-being of members of a community. These community members share the same neighborhood or region as well as health characteristics, heritage, and economic situations.

An example of a community health issue would be a population that experiences high rates of obesity due to limited access to nutritious foods. Public health outreach programs, such as the services offered by COSUDEAG, can make a difference through education and screening for potential health concerns.

Our Community Health Engagements.


We help designated school districts in the South West Region of Cameroon, through tailoring wellness policies, to meet the unfunded state regulations while meeting the local communities’ needs to ensure they have the resources needed to successfully implement such policies.


Our healthcare sensitization programs cover training and workshops on HIV/AIDS, STIs, and family planning. We also educate communities on how they can be more productive by accessing quality healthcare services.


To provide a quality service to our customers, COSUDEAG also provides research support and collects information that is important for organizations whose interest is to improve health conditions in rural areas of Cameroon.