Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable Forest Management

We educate to reduce unsustainable forest practices in different forest types and ecosystems as well as bamboos and rattans, working to valorise the country’s genetic resources and improve their livelihood through the introduction of alternative means.

Education for Sustainable Development

We create community awareness to ensure they practice sustainability in their different livelihood activities. In all actions or businesses by all sectors in the community, sustainability is practiced and the ecosystem is undisturbed

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

We carry out activities on resilience, mitigation, and adaptation; reducing impacts in the community and sensitizing on adaptation.

Common Initiative Group (CIG) revamps

We revamp CIGs to assist them attain their goals, build model cooperatives and reduce poverty while improving on food security, reducing hunger and protecting the environment.

Forest Rehabilitation

We engage in rehabilitating degraded landscapes and forests, to ensure they can adequately render their ecosystem services.

Green Cities

We encourage tree planting in cities; creating both micro and macro green arenas in semi-urban and urban areas.

Wildlife protection

We continuously sensitize communities on wildlife protection in all regions across Cameroon. Pangolin conservation education in the Douala- Edea National park is ongoing.